Business Coaching

You may remember from your school days: Each teacher had his own style: strict, understanding, laissez-faire. The class learned best when the teacher consistently spoke and acted authentically as a person - independently of the individual style.

The same applies to modern leadership: It is necessary to respect some basic rules, but the most important success factor is the perception of your personality by your employees.

Therefore the main focus of my coaching approach is on the clarification and development of your individual leadership identity. The behavior needs to match your personality and should not be superimposed. Coaching gives you answers to specific questions like:

  • What makes me a unique leader?
  • How do I use my personality for good relations with employees, colleagues and superiors?
  • Which working environment do I need to make use my individual strengths?
  • How do I deal with difficult employees and conflicts?
  • How to design successful change processes so that my staff follows suit?

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