Rate the following statements for your project and organization ... and see the result of the analysis.

The selection of suitable methods and processes have a significant influence on achieving the projects' objectives. A lot of influencing factors need to be considered: Individual social skills and motivation of employees, organizational culture, availability of the project team, process maturity and governance strategies. They all play an important role. Just like a doctor who is picking suitable treatments for his patient with a holistic mindset, an experienced project manager should look at these factors for a successful project execution.

The Project-O-Mat© analyzes the ratings and recommends areas where agile methods are well-suited or traditional, waterfall-oriented approaches are adequate.

On Target Project Management
  0-50%   What is more applicable ?   50-100%
1Requirements are clearly communicated and well-understood Requirements are hard to define up-front
2Business rules and models are hardly understood by the clients themselves Client has a good understanding of business rules and models
3Low likelihood that the scope will change Changes to project scope are likely
4Stable business environment with few competitors or public administration Intense competiton in a fast-changing volatile market
5Excessive auditing and strong regulation No regulation by audit, governmental agencies or industry federations
6Rigid, non-flexible organizational culture Organizational culture welcomes change
7The clients cannot spend a lot of time on the project or are not flexible time-wise The clients have a strong willingness to work closely with IS staff for the whole project duration

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The Project-O-Mat© is inspired by the Agile Evaluator from Barbee Davis and Wahl-O-Mat for german election preparation by BPB.


Project management is not only about technical competences, but also personality and social skills are extremely important. To give you a better understanding of my offering I would like to introduce myself briefly:...

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