What my clients say

"I hired Jörg as a consultant to strengthen our project management section at EASA. He successfully led a project to construct an external portal, permitting the agency applicants to online submit and follow-up requests for certification of aircraft parts and models, this being one of the organizations' core processes. I was managing Jörg as CIO/Head of the IS department at EASA and worked very closely with him as a member of the related project board.

Furthermore to this project, Jörg was instrumental in establishing a project management methodology for improved project governance; as well as supported us to further introduce and enhance agile development methods for more efficient software delivery. Through his assertive communication style he quickly created a trustful, collaborative working relationship with all stakeholders in a very demanding international and cultural-rich environment. Jörg demonstrated excellent performance when faced with challenges and conflicts.

As a consultant in the project management section he gained the respect of all his peers for his rich knowledge and personal experience on methods and toolsets and gave guidance leading by example. I recommend to hire him for project management consulting and coaching."

G.Kinders, CIO - Head of IT at EASA - European Aviation Safety Agency, European Commission

"Jörg Kirschbaum verfügt über ein exzellentes Wissen im Projektmanagement und hat dieses in mehreren Workshops und Coachings sehr erfolgreich an die Projektleiter vermittelt. In seiner Rolle als PMO hat er maßgeblich zum Aufbau des Sitecore-Programms und des koordinierten Managements des Projektportfolios beigetragen. Besonders hervorzuheben sind seine Fähigkeit sich schnell in Themen einzuarbeiten sowie seine große Erfahrung im Umgang mit Stakeholdern auf allen Ebenen. Wir möchten uns an dieser Stelle für die sehr angenehme Zusammenarbeit bedanken und den Consultant anderen Projektanbietern weiterempfehlen."

Ü. Basar, Program Manager, Marketing & Sales IT - Bayer Business Services

"I was managing Jörg as programme coordinator at UNFCCC for five years. Jörg was leading several projects including the implementation of the International Transaction Log which is the major cornerstone system for emissions trading under the climate change regime of the United Nations. Jörg has furthermore successfully introduced a tailored PRINCE2 project management methodology to the whole IT department which helped increasing maturity, transparency and efficiency within the organization.

Jörg is a very experienced, always focused project manager with excellent analytical and leadership skills complemented by a rock-solid understanding of information technology. His abilities to communicate well with stakeholders at all levels, motivate his teams and lead them to a successful and efficient delivery have always been an asset in the very demanding international, environment at the United Nations. His client-oriented attitude and ability to quickly understand the business needs allowed him to act as a very well respected IT Relationship Manager for the organization.

Jörg stays calm but agile under pressure and provides excellent performance when faced with challenges in time critical projects. Jörg has a high attention to detail and demonstrated numerous times that he can wear many hats to help keep a project on track and create high quality deliverables that meet the needs of the business.

Jörg is a real asset and I would like to work with him again. I recommend him for all serious project work.

As a consultant in the project management section he gained the respect of all his peers for his rich knowledge and personal experience on methods and toolsets and gave guidance leading by example. I recommend to hire him for project management consulting and coaching."

V. Matsarski, Programme Coordinator at UNFCCC - United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

"Jörg is no doubt A Project Manager which has ability to execute and deliver the projects by understanding the business value and keeping the deadlines as a priority. He is technically sound and can be mentor to a team. I worked with him in one of the projects during my tenure in Germany, he leads the team by example. He has always been a contributor to make sure that the project is been delivered on time.

I sincerely recommend Jörg Kirschbaum.

S. Bahrani, Architect at LoudCloud Systems Inc

"Man spürt in allen Bereichen die große praktische Erfahrung des Dozenten. Alle Fragen wurden sehr ausführlich beantwortet. Ich werde das Seminar meinen Kollegen weiterempfehlen."

Team Manager, Training Participant

"Durch Rückfragen, Praxisbeispiele der Teilnehmer konnte nicht mehr alles besprochen werden. Dieses Feedback und Beispiele waren aber sehr wichtig und gut und sollten noch stärker eingeplant werden. Eventuell die Dauer pro Tag etwas verlängern. Insgesamt hat mir das Seminar aus fachlicher und methodischer Sicht aber sehr gut gefallen."

Project Manager, Training Participant

"Besten Dank ! Die Workshops haben mich auch in meiner persönlichen Entwicklung sehr viel weitergebracht. Ich hoffe, dass die gute Vorarbeit weiter vorangebracht wird."

Project Manager, Workshop Participant

"Besonders gut hat mir das strukturierte Vorgehen und die gute Themenauswahl durch Herrn Kirschbaum gefallen. Man konnte immer einen roten Faden erkennen und durch den Wechsel zwischen Team-Arbeit und Vortrag wurde es nie langweilig."

Project Manager, Workshop Participant

"Herr Kirschbaum hat in dem zweiten Workshop wieder ein gutes Spektrum an Themen untergebracht. Durch das Aufgreifen der umgesetzten aber auch der offenen Punkte vom ersten Workshop ist jetzt eine Kontinuität erkennbar. Es kommt Grund rein !"

Project Manager, Workshop Participant


Project management is not only about technical competences, but also personality and social skills are extremely important. To give you a better understanding of my offering I would like to introduce myself briefly:...

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