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Agile or Waterfall ?

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Agile methods in project management are offering fascinating, promising alternatives to traditional methods, but if you try to apply them in the reality of bigger organizations that came a long way, you will face significant hurdles. An insurance company, a bank or a pharmaceutical enterprise with 100 years of history and long-term employees of all ages is not comparable with a start-up having software development as their core business.

Just as little a IS departments in hierarchical public administrations with yearly auditing an compliance requirements are per se lightweight and agile, but rather role-based, process- and document-centric.

Nevertheless it often makes sense to use well-picked selected agile methods in these organizations and projects.

For a full-blown implementation of purely agile processes like Scrum there are preconditions that can only be achieved after several years of change processes within the organization. Your project has to be successful today.

Projects are executed by people. People have needs and peculiarities that are not alway compatible with agile principles - not everyone is able to or likes to work in an agile fashion. You'll have to consider this especially if you want to build a self-organized, highly-motivated and committed team.

More and more projects show how agile and traditional project management can be combined without suddenly changing the whole organization. The hybrid approach is agile in its original sense - far away from dogmatic discussions, but skin to skin with reality.


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